Endless Bracelet Size

The size of the Endless bracelet is crucial for the further collection of charms. Basically, all leather bracelets are available in three sizes. We denote the winding type or the number of wraps as size. The Endless bracelet sizes are: one -wrap, two -wrap and three -wrap. The individual bands are then in turn available in four different lengths. The longer your leather bracelet is, the more Charms you can hang on it. The following table shows all the possibilities available for Endless leather bracelets.

Endless Bracelet Size Guide:

Determine the correct length of your wrist 

Are you wondering what the right length of your wrist? We have the answer! You can determine the correct bracelet length by a simple measuring method. All you need is a piece of string and a ruler. For step-by-step on how to measure your wrist, please refer here. One should also note: the length of the leather band decreases with the number of charms.

How to Measure: Wrap the thread or cord relatively tight around your wrist. Mark the length of the string and measure this piece with a ruler. You can then determine your required bracelet length by applying the following formulas.

  • Single Bracelet: Wrist circumference + 2.5 cm = correct length
  • Double Bracelet: (Wrist circumference + 3.5 cm) x 2 = correct length
  • Triple Bracelet: (Wrist circumference + 3.5 cm) x 3 = correct length


If your wrist circumference of 16.5cm then for a single-wrap Endless leather bracelet, the length needed will be 19cm: (16.5 cm + 2.5cm = 19cm).
If you want to buy the three-wrap bracelet, then you need to add 3.5cm to your wrist circumference and multipy the result with three. In this example it would be 60cm: (16.5cm + 3.5cm) x 3 = 60cm.